Google AdWords Optimization

AdWords campaigns can be difficult and frustrating. Take the easy way out – automatically receive Google AdWords reporting that helps you finetune your ad campaigns, finally get real results and saves you money.

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AdWords reporting that helps you spend your PPC budget smartly

Tired of spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong with your AdWords campaigns? AgentDrive empowers you to make sense of your AdWords performance data. With insightful, easy-to-read AdWords reports you’ll get all of your ad campaigns covered.


Powerful AdWords reports that tune up your ad campaigns

Keyword research

Find the best search queries and matched keywords to run highly targeted ad campaigns at the fraction of your ad budget.

Metrics that matter

Analyze impressions, clicks, ad groups, cost per click, conversion rates, keywords, keywordless categories and more.

Geo location

Analyze whether your ad campaigns reach your audiences, see where the highest response rates come from and double efforts.

Calculated ROI

See return on investments on your ad campaigns, eliminate under-performing keywords and discover the best opportunities.

PPC funnel optimization

A granular overview of your entire ad campaign – from the best performing day and hour to click types, networks and devices.

Optimize landing pages

Create winning PPC landing pages to deliver the best digital impressions and powerfully engage with people at every stage of their search.

Google Analytics insights

Link your GA account with AdWords and get a 360-degree view of your audiences to plan your next move better.

Pause losing ads

Check your ads’ CTR and conversion rates and stop wasting your budget on the ones that don't work. Identify and invest in just the right queries.

Easily update keyword bids

Adjust your ad campaign on the go – monitor keyword bids, eliminate inefficiencies and focus your efforts on the top performers.

Power your AdWords efforts with an easy to use, inclusive solution

Turn your AdWords campaign into a powerful lead generation channel with AdWords reporting that actually explains your performance. 

Increase your Google AdWords profitability with insightful, accurate reports that you get automatically. Stop wasting your ad budgets, make timely tweaks to your PPC campaigns and generate more impressions and leads. Guesswork and random bids don’t work – thoughtful optimization based on actual figures does.

Stop the tedium of manual work

Get automatic reports on the latest KPIs of your ad campaigns and forget about stressful calculations. Easily decide on everything – from new bidding opportunities to cheaper long-tail keywords and much more.

Drive & convert more qualified traffic

Identify the perfect search queries, set negatives, analyze competitors tactics, grow your list with relevant keywords and more to beat competition and win the highest number of leads.

Back up your ad budget with insightful stats

Want to understand the science behind any improvement you’re about to make? Check out the stats on your performance that our AdWords reporting provides and start making intelligent decisions.


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