Dynamic Retargeting Tools

Do you know that only 2 percent of your website visitors convert on the first visit? Make your online ads reach 98% of users who don’t convert right away with our integrated dynamic retargeting tools.

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Reach and convert more customers everywhere online

Do your ad campaigns eat away at your budget? What if you could follow up your website visitors everywhere on the web, mobile and social media automatically, and consistently keep your brand in front of bounced traffic? That’s what our dynamic retargeting tools do. 


Personalized retargeting campaigns that embrace every aspect of online advertising

We integrate with the leading retargeting companies to help you find the tool that works just for you: AdRoll, Chango, Perfect Audience, Triggit and ReTargeter. Fuel your campaigns with the best retargeting tools that already worked wonders for thousands of agents.


Ultimate advertising reach

Retargeting tools let your ads reach 98% of users who never return Win a powerful exposure to your online ads in a few clicks without breaking the bank.

Search retargeting

Catch up with people who haven’t even visited your site but searched for specific queries related to your business and expose your ads in front of them.

Facebook retargeting

Capitalize on the power of world’s largest social media with custom Facebook ads, news feed campaigns, segmentation, reporting, multiple dynamic ads – it’s insanely effective.

Advanced features to suit your every need

Customer segmentation, geo targeting, personalized ads, custom product feeds, website visitor scoring and loads more – with these features, your next campaign will never fail.

Frequency caps

Don’t want to annoy people with too many of your ads? Just set a limit to the times your ads are shown per month and find a sweet spot between your budget and the number of required impressions.

Blacklist sites

Any sites you want to exclude from your campaigns? Blacklist them so your ads won’t show up there and focus your efforts on the best performing resources to reach the highest conversion and save ad budget.

Create retargeting lists

Easily understand your audiences by building lists and targeting them with personalized campaigns no matter who they are – website visitors, newsletter subscribers or social media users.

CRM data onboarding

Power your retargeting campaigns with your contact database – create a list with your contacts emails, set a campaign and your ads will intelligently follow them up across all of the Web and on any device.

Simple metrics, powerful insights

Track every marketing dollar you spent and check out automatically generated reports. Yet another perfect opportunity to save time and focus efforts on running your campaigns.

Stay front-of-mind with retargeting tools that deliver personalized impressions

Make sure your audiences get personalized, dynamic online experiences and stay on top of people's minds with smart ad retargeting campaigns that deliver a ROI of $10 for every $1 spent. 

Boost your online advertising reach like never before – AgentDrive integrates with the largest retargeting networks, each of which has a huge partner network of sites. Your ads will be displayed in all the places where your audiences are. An intelligent feedback on your customers geo location, demographics, interests, shopping preferences and online behaviour makes your online retargeting easier than ever before.

Build dynamic ads

Easily create multiple, fully branded ads for websites and social media to present your messaging in a beautiful and compelling way – all in a simple editor and with plenty of templates to choose from.

Launch personalized retargeting campaigns

Create retargeting campaigns based on your customer segmentation and deliver highly personalized impressions to boost conversion rates.

Measure your wins

Get accurate feedback on your campaigns’ ROI, understand which tactics work best and make your next ad campaign even more effective.


Connect with 98% of your potential buyers with top-notch retargeting tools