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promote open houses

3 Easy Ways to Promote Open Houses on Facebook

21 June 2017 Ira Leave a comment Real Estate Marketing

Today, most agents dismiss open houses as ineffective. Who cares about open houses when all the information is on tap away, right from your phone. Naturally, agents are thinking of abandoning this idea. But could it be a premature assumption to make? And what if you can harness the power of the world’s most popular social media […]

buyer leads

6 Sales Tricks Agents Use to Convert Buyer Leads

12 June 2017 Ira Leave a comment Real Estate Marketing

Seeing buyer leads taking action is something most agents wait for a long time to happen. Below are some tips on how to build an effective process for converting buyer leads better than your competition does.  According to the Hebert Research, a real estate buying journey typically looks like this: phase 1 (16 months), pre-research. […]

real estate follow-up campaigns

4 Lead Generating Ideas for Real Estate Follow-up Campaigns

2 June 2017 Ira Leave a comment Real Estate CRM

More than anyone else, real estate agents know that follow-ups can make or break a deal. However, most agents stop after sending a couple of “just checking in” emails and never hearing back from that lead. To reverse the situation and keep more people in your sphere of influence, upgrade your real estate follow-up campaigns with emails […]