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A smarter & easier way to level up your real estate advertising strategy. A complete package of powerful tools ranging from real estate franchise software to your very own real estate publication.

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Property Portal Feeder

Enhance your marketing with a powerful tool that saves you hours of work and effort. Create an unlimited number of feeds with our easy-to-use XML generator right from your CRM account. Boost SEO, drive qualified traffic, level up lead generation and increase sales – we've got it all covered for you. 


Essential property advertising tool that delivers results

Boost online visibility

Get more qualified traffic, improve your SEO rankings and generate more qualified leads all in one go.

Unlimited property portal feeds

Create unlimited feeds to any property portal in the world right from your CRM account.

Admin area

Easily manage all feeds, submissions and leads within's CRM.

All media supported

Advertise your properties with any PDFs, HD images, videos and more.

One home for all leads

Manage and follow up with all of your portal leads effortlessly from a single dashboard.

Multiple categories

Easily organize & manage your listings by creating unlimited property categories.

SMS & email campaigns

Give your SMS and email campaigns a global reach with AgentDrive’s SMS & email marketing software. Send your latest marketing messages to people’s favorite devices in any country of the world, enable replies, track results and much more. 


Essential features for outstanding marketing results

Send an SMS to any country

Easily reach your customers in every country. We provide global coverage for your SMS campaigns.

SMS shortcodes

Bulk SMS sending is now super easy – send and receive large volumes of SMS's at a rate of 40 SMS's per second and higher.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Your message takes more than just words to say? With MMS you can send images just as easily.

2-way messages in 19 countries

Send and receive an SMS via our carrier network in 19 countries to get instant feedback.

All character sets (Unicode)

Our SMS API supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive an SMS in 100+ languages and symbol scripts.

Geo match

Automatically select local numbers to extend the reach of your campaign like you always wanted.

Real estate flyer & ad maker

Create your very own, beautiful real estate flyers & adverts with plenty of pre-made templates right from your CRM account.

At, we help you make the most of both online and offline marketing channels. Our real estate flyer & ad maker is yet another valuable tool we provide to help you effectively market your properties and enhance your brand.

Beautiful digital edition

Offer your amazing flyers & adverts as downloads from your landing pages to reach new homebuyers and connect with your niche audiences.

Ready to get printed

Want to enhance your marketing with print adverts? You can print and distribute your real estate listings across the best venues in your neighbourhood.

Showcasing the best properties you have to offer

A whole new marketing channel featuring the very best of your properties – now you can do that with half the effort.


Real estate advertising solutions tailored exactly to your needs