Powerful Real Estate Marketing Tools

A fully loaded toolset of automatic real estate marketing tools. Our software streamlines your efforts and helps you focus on the right marketing goals.

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Real estate SEO services

Provide your properties with the widest online exposure. Create a strong and meaningful real estate SEO strategy to land your website high in organic search results. At AgentDrive.com, we provide you with the complete real estate SEO strategy, aiming at capturing more traffic, qualifying more leads and closing more sales.


A real estate SEO roadmap

Keyword research

Focus on the keywords that drive more traffic to your real estate website

Keyword optimization

Targeted keywords that match your niche and sell your properties

Local search positioning

Leverage the most important success factor for your real estate business

Competitor analysis

All marketing tactics your competition uses to get found online

Backlink opportunities uncovered

The ultimate list of the best resources to outreach and boost online visibility

SEO reporting

Insightful analytics on your SEO performance in a clear, simple format

Data Driven Real Estate Marketing Reporting

Get a full overview of your marketing activities with actionable results.

Data driven real estate marketing reports that saves you hours of hard work and gives you the information that helps quickly understand your marketing performance. Accurate, up-to-date and beautifully formatted reports that enable you to take action instantly. 

Fully customizable

Only the most important metrics that give you the clearest insight into your marketing.

Integration with 20+ data sources

Data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your social media and much more - all neatly organized in a single place.

Available in various formats

Get your real estate marketing report as PDF or easily share a link with your team.


Google Adwords reporting

Not sure why your Google AdWords campaigns are not bringing you the results you hoped for? AgentDrive’s AdWords reporting tool will explain your AdWords performance data in a simple, easy-to-read monthly reports. Analyze your performance, make timely tweaks, share feedback with your team and much more to get the ROI you’ve planned.


Reports that make sense of your Adwords campaigns

Keyword research

Spot the best keywords, long-tail queries and matched keywords to perfectly optimize your ad budget.

Metrics you actually need

Impressions, clicks, ad groups, cost per click, conversion rates, keywordless categories and more to let you plan your next move better.

PPC funnel optimization

360-degree overview of your campaign – from the best performing hour and day to devices, networks and click types.

Google Analytics Integration

Link your Google Analytics and AdWords to get even more accurate and relevant data on your paid advertising opportunities.

Pause losing ads

Check your ads' CTR and conversion rates to invest in top keywords and eliminate under-performing ones before they eat up your budget.

Calculate ROI & update bids

Uncover the best opportunities, update keyword bids to get the best ROI and focus your efforts on the top-performing queries.

Dynamic retargeting tools

Do you know that only 2 percent of your website visitors convert on the first visit? Our dynamic retargeting tools help you convert the remaining 98 percent. 

Your ad campaigns seem to hurt your budget? What if you can follow up with your website visitors everywhere on the web, mobile and social media, and intelligently keep your brand in front of bounced traffic so they come back to your site? That’s what our dynamic retargeting tools do for you.

Ultimate advertising reach

With a huge partner network, retargeting tools help your ads reach 98 percent of websites.

Search and social media retargeting

Catch up with social media users and people who haven't even visited your site but searched for your niche keywords and capture their interest with your ads.

Build dynamic ads

Easily create fully branded ads to deliver your messages in a beautiful and compelling online format. We've got plenty of templates to get you up and running.


Amplify your reach with powerful real estate marketing tools